Modern web-based systems are composed of three distinct layers:

  • Database layer
  • Logic layer
  • Presentation layer

These layers interface with each other but affectively operate independently. This allows each to be modified easily without disrupting the rest of the system.

The whole look and feel of a site is controlled by the presentation layer. This means it is possible to completely change a site's appearance and how users will interact with it, without changing the underlying functionality. Within most frameworks (including Drupal) this is called the theming.

Vitalatus Media has created the theme for this site according to a set design, layout and colour scheme. However, this can be changed as easily as flicking a switch. Just look at the examples below of how the site looks when using an alternative theme. All the same functionality is there, just presented differently.

This method of keeping the presentation separate from the underlying functionality allows great flexibility when designing a site as very little detail about the other layers is required. Additionally, should a company undergo re-branding or just want to modernise their site, it can be achieved with minimal effort.

Vitalatus Media can produce Drupal themes for customers, either based on their current website or from Photoshop mock-ups. Alternatively, let us flex our creative muscles and design the theme as well.