If you are reading this you are an Internet user. According to the statisticians, that means there is a 76% chance you have bought something online over the past year. It's most likely therefore, you already have first hand experience of e-commerce.

The Office for National Statistics estimated that internet sales for UK businesses totalled £163 billion in 2007. This figure is predicted to rise substantially over the coming years. Any business not taking their share of this vast sum of money is surely missing a trick.

With reduced overheads compared to conventional trading and a world-wide target market, it's easy to see the attraction of e-commerce. However, it has to be done properly. A site that is difficult to use, unreliable or insecure, will have customers quickly losing confidence and heading straight to the competition.

Vitalatus Technical uses Ubercart to develop e-commerce solutions. This is an open source store framework that is fully integrated into the Drupal CMS. This winning combination not only allows businesses to trade over the Internet but also build online communities around their products or services.

To demonstrate what we can deliver using Drupal and Ubercart, we have created a mock-up store. Don't worry, you can't spend any real money there. We've had a bit of fun with the product range, so feel free to have a giggle.

To enter the store click here.