Vitalatus Technical

Vitalatus Technical builds content management systems (CMS) using the Drupal framework. A CMS can be anything from a simple website like the one you are reading now, to a complex application distributed over thousands of servers. Content is often created collaboratively, using work flow to control the process. Users can edit, review, publish, search and archive data. Systems can be publicly accessible with millions of users like Facebook and YouTube, or accessed privately via a company's Intranet.

Consider the example of company annual appraisals. A CMS could be set up to control the process as shown in the diagram. Several employees work collaboratively to complete the task, each being prompted as required. The CMS will store the final appraisal document, for reference, setting the appropriate access controls.

Streamlining all of a company's internal processes like that above can dramatically reduce overhead. However, it doesn't have to stop there. CMS can also be used to accommodate many external business processes. Consider on-line shopping, package tracking, fault reporting, on-line gambling, subscription management, on-line learning...