Consultant Profile - Mick Biggs

Mick has been a technical consultant since 2000. He specialises in system design and development as well as leading technical teams and quality assurance. His areas of expertise are information security, electronic messaging and content management systems.

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C XSLT C++ Visual_Basic X86_Assembler VBA XML Java XPath SQL PHP HTML CSS

During his career, Mick has worked extensively with the UK government, helping to improve their electronic messaging capability. This involved various software development projects in the areas of gateways and firewalls. Mick also played a key role in producing methods of secure information transfer.

More recently, Mick has been designing and developing content management systems, specifically with the Drupal framework. One such project allowed users to search for relationships in telephone billing information, to identify suspected criminals. The system was multilingual and interfaced to the graphical analysis tool Analysts Notebook, allowing users to visualise the data.

Mick has also been a quality manager for a team of 20 consultants. During his 2 years in the role he was responsible for the team's compliance with ISO 9001. This involved auditing documentation, source code, configuration management systems, risk management procedures, defect tracking systems and testing strategies.

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